Derive's 6% savings guarantee

At Derive, we understand what makes your fleet different. These differences are powerful and allow you to separate yourself from the competition. Derive takes pride in understanding these differences and can optimize your fleet with our breakthrough calibration technology and in the process delivers a 6%-12% in fuel savings.

Unlike other companies in the fuel savings space, we'll GUARANTEE our savings...

Three easy steps:

  1. Optimized calibration features must include Idle RPM Reduction & Speed Limiting.
  2. Provide Derive the previous 12 months of fuel consumption data to serve as a baseline.
  3. Following the utilization of our optimized calibration for 12 months, we'll compare the 12 optimized months against the previous 12 baseline months.

If 6% isn't saved, Derive will pay out the difference within 30 days.

*Terms and conditions apply at purchase. Inquire about details.