Derive Efficiency's SAE Fuel consumption test.

Test Description: On-road fuel economy industry standard test method simulation long-haul operation

Test Objective: Evaluate fuel economy benefits derived from using the Derive Efficiency downloader under controlled conditions on a 2008 Cummins DPF ISX engine.

Test Program: The SAE J1321 procedure was conducted utilizing fully serviced trucks. One control truck and one test truck operate simultaneously. A single complete SAE J1321 Type II fuel economy test consists of a baseline segment and a test segment. A valid segment consists of three test laps having a spread in test/control fuel consumption ratios not greater than two percent of the highest test/control fuel consumption ratio (T/C ratio) The test route or lap was 40 miles in accordance to SAE J1321 and was representative of long-haul operations.

Vehicle: The control and test vehicles were Class-8 diesel trucks. The Control Vehicle was an International 9400 with a Cummins ISX engine, while the Test Vehicle was an International Pro Star with a Cummins ISX engine. Both the control and the test vehicles were pulling identical loads of a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 80,000 lbs during the test.

Test Results: The Derive Efficiency product delivered an average fuel economy improvement of 7.07% over the control vehicle.